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Licensing and Branding

SpellingCow is able to meet the needs of both individual users and entire site solutions. We use PayPal to ensure secure transactions. You can use any credit card and do NOT require a Paypal account. Direct inquires to

Resellers and System Integrators

SpellingCow has an attractive offering for partners in its reseller program. Direct inquires to

Site Licensing Options

One-year hosted option - $25
(up to 10,000 uses)

This option will allow all of your users to enjoy SpellingCow without any of the free version ads. In an upcoming release, the site admin will also be able to customize the branding options of the checker. Under the hood, SpellingCow operates normally by connecting to the SpellingCow site for processing.
Your Website

Server license option - $500
(unlimited uses, unlimited potential!)

With this option, your site controls all aspects of the SpellingCow Spell Checker. The software resides on your server and all processing is done locally without interaction to SpellingCow.com. The server is compatible with most flavors of Unix and Windows OS.

This is a great option when performance and control are top priorities. Running on your own server will enhance security and response times. Furthermore the server can be run on an intranet behind a firewall. The site admin can also take advantage of customizing the appearance for their users.

It's unlimited uses at a fixed price! One-year of updates are included in the initial price. Subsequent update subscriptions are available for $90 per year. The license is "per server" only. Licenses for additional servers are available at a reduced cost.
Contact Email:

Licensing for Individuals

Coming soon, individuals that use the SpellingCow favelet to spell check on any page on the net will be able to enjoy an ad-free license.

Make a donation!
One of the great things about SpellingCow is that it is so easy to setup and use. That's because the spell checking engine resides on our server, and spares you resources and the aggravation of setup.

And we do it all for FREE! But we do have costs to worry about. If you don't mind the ads, then by all means, make a donation! We'll appreciate the thought and gratefully accept! smile!
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