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Advertising on SpellingCow

There are two types of ads currently available. However, we are open to any other ideas you may have, so contact with proposals.


Banner Ads on the Checker:

We due to the sensitive nature of placing ads directly on client web sites, we are not currently accepting banner advertising on the checker.


Textlink Ads:

This site is on the rise, so ride the wave while you still can! When buying textlinks, some say back links are all that matter. SpellingCow.com has 120,000+ and climbing fast. I think this back link growth tells the entire story: (NOTE: as of 1/24, backlinks have soared to 310,000+!)

The homepage is PR5 and there are 7 PR5 pages on the site. There are over 400 pages with PR. The site has over 2,200 pages indexed on Google, and receives over 10,000 Googlebot visits per month.

Past Performance:
It is not possible to guarantee results or even prove that past results are attributable to a link from SpellingCow. SpellingCow does not sell PageRank. However, with that said, there are some compelling results to share.

  • www.mandlnet.co.uk - PR3 to PR5 in January 2005; PR5 despite having just 9 Google backlinks and a total link popularity of just 3,200. This site purchased just a homepage link and a link on our Webhosting FAQ. Using the Google link: command, these are the 2 of the 4 external links displayed. A pretty compelling case.
  • www.pcbugscanner.com - PR0 to PR6 in January 2005; Wow! PR6 despite having just 431 Google backlinks and a total link popularity of 9,500. This site purchased a sitewide link. Using the link: command, Google displays 170 entries, and the majority of them are from SpellingCow pages. Prior to the January backlink update, the site had zero Google backlinks and a link popularity of less than 100. We don't take full-credit for the rise to PR6, but there is reason to think we helped!
  • www.settlementpurchasers.com - PR2 to PR5 in January 2005; since purchasing a SpellingCow sitewide link, this site has increased dramatically in PR and link popularity. We don't take full-credit here, but again, there's reason to think we had an impact.

Rate Card:
Links on the homepage are displayed in the Helpful Resources boxes. There are up to 10 slots. Sitewide links include a homepage link, and get a link on the bottom of most pages, but not the Webhosting FAQ page and a few others. There are up to 10 of these slots. Links on the Webhosting FAQ are displayed in a Helpful Resources box on the page. Likewise, there are up to 10 of these slots available.

Select a link location
Location Monthly Select
HomePage $49.99
Sitewide $59.99
Webhosting $9.99

Select Months:
month to month:  
3 months (20% off):  
6 months (30% off):  
12 months (35% off):  

Total Due:
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Once payment is received, your link will be added within 48 hours. If you require more than the 200 characters for your link info (a PayPal limit), email it to .

Interested in text links on the checker? We're not yet setup for this, but if there is enough demand, this could be setup. Perhaps these will go in the checker window, and not the banner slots? Very high visibility!

Any other comments or questions please contact .

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