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For Websites
  • Easy install
  • Unobtrusive
  • Wide browser support
  • Users love it!
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Uses none of your server's resources
  • Ad-free trial!
For Individuals
  • Spell check anywhere!
  • Uses a favelet
  • Easily run
  • Secure: no files added to your computer
  • You control when to spell check
Supported Browsers
  • Internet Explorer
  • FireFox + Mozilla
  • Opera (partial)
  • Safari (partial)
Coming Soon
  • multiple textareas
  • 75+ languages
  • custom + site-wide dictionaries
  • user + admin options
You'll love it ;-)

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Welcome to SpellingCow

SpellingCow can spell check as you type on any web page. Just add one line and your website will have the best spell checker on the net! You may also run SpellingCow on any website you visit via the use of a favelet. Try it for yourself:


* The highlighted words are misspelled. Click on them to view suggestions.

SpellingCow is the first application to use COWS Ajax, the next evolution in web2.0. This allows your site users to communicate directly with SpellingCow when spell checking without using any of your server's processing or network resources. That's something that really wasn't possible before COWS Ajax. For the same reason, SpellingCow can be run as a favelet, used by your browser on any website even where SpellingCow is not installed.

People love the features too! The unobtrusive nature of the SpellingCow quietly improves spelling and can make a better first impression of your site or community. There are always those that rebel against such tools and for them SpellingCow is easily disabled. You may also elect to disable the spell checking by default let users turn it on if desired.

Try SpellingCow ad-free! 20 Nov 2006 10:37 am    

Now you can try the licensed version of SpellingCow ad-free for 30-days! Want to see how well The Cow will work with your site, but don't want to see the ads? Now you can test drive ad-free for the first 30-days of your installation (up to 10,000 uses). Already using SpellingCow? Well you'll get the free trial as well. If you like what you see during the trial, head over to our licensing page.


Craig Nuttall
CEO SpellingCow.com
v3.2 - support for Opera and Safari 20 Nov 2006 10:37 pm    

SpellingCow.com is proud to announce its latest release, version 3.2, the "cross-cow edition". This release adds priliminary support for the Opera and Safari web browsers. This allows SpellingCow to support over 99% of today's browser market, making it a great solution for any web site. Opera versions 8.5+ (perhaps earlier too) and Safari 1.3+ are well supported for short messages, though some issues such as scrolling in longer messages remain.

This release also vastly improves positioning the highlights in FireFox and Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Attributes like padding, margin, border, line-height, and font specifics are all taken into account and forced to match the textarea settings. We feel the checker is now more tightly integrated and seamlessly fits in with your site!

With the core functionality solidly complete, the next release will expand the feature set. Expected additions include support for multiple textareas and textboxes; custom dictionaries; support for 75 languages and dialects; an administrator section for maintaining site options and a site-wide dictionary; and an interface for licensed sites to monitor their usage statistics. A few more treats are planned, if time allows.

Craig Nuttall
CEO SpellingCow.com
Spell check as you type! 21 Aug 2006 10:37 pm    

I am extraordinarily proud to announce the release of SpellingCow v3.0, the "About Time!" edition. This release represent a fundamental shift in the service... and extreme increase in the "coolness factor" Wink By simply adding a single line to your web page, SpellingCow can now spell check AS YOU TYPE! The demo on spellingcow.com shows you all you need to know.

This version has been under development for quite some time and has been battle-tested on some very busy forums and holds up quite nicely. You can install on your site or, via a favelet, you can try it on any site out there regardless if they have SpellingCow installed or not.

There are more features coming subsequent releases, the biggest being support for many languages and maintaining personal dictionaries.


Craig Nuttall
CEO SpellingCow.com
annnnnnnnd we're back! 19 May 2006 06:51 pm    

Firstly, I'd like to personally apologize for the outage SpellingCow suffered this week. The epic 15 inches of rain caused historic flooding in the area. The building that hosts SpellingCow was under chest-high water for several days leaving us with few options. I know the outage was very disruptive for some SpellingCow users and I am truly sorry for this.

SpellingCow has worked hard to reduce single points of failure including attaining connectivity from multiple providers and a gas powered generator. However, the nearby river quickly swelled from 4ft to 62ft in two or three days, surpassing the 52ft flood marker and flooding the area for the first time in at least seventy years. Despite our servers being safe on the second floor, with the building severely compromised no power was allowed to run through the building and no one was allowed to access the generator. Waters have receded and operations are back on-line.

What are we doing about it? I am pleased to publicly announce that testing of a new version of SpellingCow will begin soon. The new version discards the pop-up window entirely and is able to actually spell check as you type! Red squiggly underlines bring attention to your misspellings, as is done in popular desktop word processing programs. We are very excited for the release of this version as it has been in the works for a long time and we think it will be very popular.

As it applies to recent events, the good news is that if SpellingCow were to experience an outage, with the new version there would be no impact other than a loss of spell checking. That said, we are shooting for 100% up-time relying on multiple server locations across the United States (3 such places are planned for the near term). The servers will work in tandem to distribute the load and to also handle the loss of a server center.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you in the future.


Craig Nuttall
CEO SpellingCow.com
2005 and 2006 08 Jan 2006 12:58 pm    

2005 was a good building year for SpellingCow. For the year, the cow was installed on over 11,000 websites and was used by nearly 800,000 unique IP addresses. 2005 saw nearly 6 million spell check sessions to check almost a half billion words (yes, billion with a "B"). After making 3 million spelling corrections, it's safe to say that SpellingCow is indeed making the web a better place Very Happy

What about 2006? Well, work has been underway for the past several months on a new version of SpellingCow. While no announcements will be made at this time, I will boldly predict that the 2006 stats will tower over the 2005 stats. When the new version is released (March?) you won't even recognize it... but you will love it! I'll just add that the new version will be even easier to use and integrate even more thoroughly with your websites.

Quite simply, 2006 will be a great year and I expect a great proliferation of the cow Wink

Thanks for choosing SpellingCow!
-Nuttzy Cool

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